Cyber Fantasy Gameplay Android APK || Cyber Fantasy Action MMORPG Game

Cyber Fantasy Gameplay Android APK || Cyber Fantasy Action MMORPG Game

by Fancygame HongKong Co.,Limited

Game Seluler MMORPG Cyber ​​Punk pertama tersedia untuk pengujian!

Apart from the rapid technological advancement, the wreckage of Atlantis Spaceship also brought mankind with another unexpected disaster – the Omnics that was believed to be under totally control by humans went on a total revolt, ravaging the prosperously developed cities. Should you discover the truth behind this Omnics Revolt together with your friends? Or should you travel on the Mecha Beast around the neon lights alone? Pick up your weapon and protect mankind’s freedom and glory!


Game Features:

[First of its Kind in the World: Cyberpunk world with exhilarating immersive experience] Cyber Fantasy is the first Cyberpunk style MMORPG mobile game all over the world. It constructs a grand and infinite Cyberpunk world for the players with mainframe-level quality. Mechanical Armor, AI, Multi-angle Scene Rendering under neon lights, all of which enable you to feel the Cyberpunk atmosphere and explore infinite possibilities in a free Sci-fi game world.

Three Classes: Distinctive ones with ample exclusive gears
Three distinctive classes which are mighty as mountains, agile as wind, and furious as fire! Each has its own features, and each has its own merits. Besides, there are also ample cyberpunk style exclusive sets for each class which are sci-fi and fashion.

[Exciting Combat: Smooth PvP battle in Boss Dungeon is on the verge! ] Guild Instance, World Boss, Colosseum Showdown —— a variety of PvP modes, the fight is on the verge of breaking out! Join the exciting leaderboard rush to fight to be the best combatant!

[Armadura System: Experience Armor and Transformation] You can employ Armadura in the new Armadura System to make your battle less lonely and boring. Armor with your Armadura at anytime and transfer into any shape. Gorgeous appearance and dazzling skills enable you to get an entirely new experience of battle!

[Excellent Vehicle: Free exploration in a futuristic city] There are many exquisite vehicles such as Mechanical Skateboard, Modern Automobile that can help you travel around in a futuristic city. You can also get awesome motorcycles and large mechanical myth creature: Kun to wander on the cyberpunk street. Unlock your very own exclusive vehicle and start an incredible journey!

[Dual Weapon Class Advancement: Get unique talents and switch between classes freely to show your outstanding ability] After Class Advancement, Bionic Warriors of each class will be equipped with two sets of weapons when different advancement path has been unlocked. The player may switch between them to cast different skills, delivering a perfect combo based on the given situation and leaving your opponent defenseless! The player may select the other class freely from Class Advancement. The system will also provide recommendation based on the player’s preference and performance. Discover your potential and talent. Fight to your heartiest in this mechanical and Sci-fi world!

Size: 2.26GB
Language: English

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