Genesis Soul Legends 5 Giftcode Gameplay | All Redeem Code Genesis Soul Legends รหัสของขวัญ

Genesis Soul Legends 5 Giftcode Gameplay Android iOS APK | All Redeem Code Genesis Soul Legends รหัสของขวัญ – How to Redeem Code

“Genesis Soul” is a brand new dark fantasy MMO adventure mobile game. A dark and wonderful world in the Middle Ages has been created. With great doomsday background and gorgeous special light and shadow effects, warriors, archers and sorcerers. Three main occupations in the game, harnessing the power of nature, releasing the most powerful skills. Allowing players to enjoy intense battles and exciting adventures. fair trading platform Free environment to make friends Easy upgrade method Creative and versatile gameplay more bosses More drop items… etc. Create a fun way to explore the world for you!


Independent magic world
“Genesis Soul” creates a fictional world that feels real and free. By integrating the action system, adventure system, training system, and other systems, players can not only fight against players from different camps, but also ally with them to explore mysterious in-game maps together. Perfect battle system makes the game’s PK mode more exciting and fun to play. Single player or team battles Make all players passionate about fighting in various quests.

Enjoy training equipment
The fun of training Genesis Soul gear is that each monster can drop different types of items, weapons, feeders, and accessories. In addition to exploring levels and battling bosses for treasures, You can also collect materials to create unique outfits. Exchanging advanced equipment with guild mates. or trade in markets etc. are all where you can get equipment. The equipment system in the game “Genesis Soul” allows players to create their own personal style.

The most beautiful goddesses grow together
The unique goddess system of “Genesis Soul”. Goddess skillfully uses the power of nature. and will protect you It’s always by your side, so it needs constant upgrades to keep up with your growth. The goddess has many appearances. Make your dreams come true in the game. You can grow, slay enemies, and fight for world domination with your goddess!

New exclusive play system
“Genesis Soul” has many unique gameplay systems, such as Ancient Ruins, Elite 8, Treasure Lands and Divine Pagodas, etc. Each system has its own special events. After repeated updates The unique feeling of gameplay makes players want to explore this wonderful world more and more. Unique production system Gather materials in the forest to create equipment, substances, magical scrolls, etc.

Size: 1.02GB
Language: Thailand

What is the gift code Genesis Soul Legends?

These are free gifts for players that you should not miss. These gifts, it will help you in the early stages of the game, which will help you advance in the game. The gift codes below will be regularly updated by us and guaranteed to be completely usable.

5 Gift Code Genesis Soul Legends:

1. VIP555

2. VIP666

3. VIP888

4. VIP999

5. Lucky99

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