Aster Tatariqus Gameplay Android iOS APK

Aster Tatariqus Gameplay Android iOS APK | Aster Tatariqus Mobile SRPG Game | Aster Tatariqus アスタータタリクス by gumi Inc

Aster Tatariqus Gameplay Android iOS APK | Aster Tatariqus Mobile SRPG Game | Aster Tatariqus アスタータタリクス by gumi Inc

Embark on Studio FgG’s grandest project yet, in collaboration with Aniplex, as the full-scale simulation RPG “Aster Tatarix” finally arrives as a smartphone game!

There’s only one destiny to choose from ── a lover, a friend, or a family member? Set in a fantasy world inspired by “The Legend of King Arthur,” the Knights of the Round Table combat the memory-eating monster “Barbaroi”! Throughout the game, players are presented with various choices that branch the storyline. If you had to make the tough decision to sacrifice a “beloved woman,” “best friend,” or “irreplaceable family member” to save the world, what would you choose?

◆ The story “branches” with your choices ── Love, bond, or regret ── which ending will you reach? Experience a dramatic narrative unfolding with the “largest volume” in smartphone game history, offering multiple endings for each route upon release! The storyline “branches” based on the player’s choices, resulting in various unique endings. Whether it’s a touching or a shocking conclusion, the outcome is entirely up to you!

◆ One strategic move can overturn the course of war ── Engage in simulation battles
Experience a battle system that truly defines Studio FgG, known for titles like “Phantom of Kill” and “Who’s Alchemist.” The simulation battle takes place on a grid-like field where you position your camp, offering simple smartphone-specific controls for a gripping battle experience! Every move you make influences the strategy, allowing you to confront enemies with your personalized tactics by utilizing the “Kizuna Action,” a cooperative ally skill, and “Custom Skills,” which can be tailored to your preference!

◆ A breathtaking drama presented with the highest quality
Experience industry-leading art crafted by Studio FgG’s esteemed content production team “G-ROW ARTISTRY.” Immerse yourself in the story with stunning 3D graphics that evoke a sense of realism. The majestic orchestral music, composed by master Yoko Shimomura, adds to the immersive experience. Prepare to immerse yourself like never before!

Size: 8.65GB
Language: Japanese

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