Fairy Tail Magic Boy Fighting Gameplay Android iOS APK Coming Soon

Fairy Tail Magic Boy Fighting Gameplay Android iOS APK Coming Soon | Fairy Tail Magic Boy Fighting Mobile Action RPG Game | Fairy Tail Magic Boy Fighting 魔導少年: 激鬥 by SKYMOONS TECHNOLOGY, INC.


Use 3D high-quality images to restore the magic boy animation world and reproduce the bloody plot of the original work. Nearly 40 mages gathered together, with different professional combinations, different skill attributes, and a unique shield-breaking mechanism, ignited enthusiasm in all directions, and performed cool magic battles.

[True 3D reproduction of the classic plot] Whether it is the wizard or the plants and trees in the world, they all use 3D modeling to restore the familiar world in the original animations such as the street view of Magnolia and the guild of Fairy Tail for you! The reappearance of the classic plot, the rekindling of blood, and the adventurous growth journey of the strongest team, all in “Fairy Tail (Magic Boy): Fighting”!

[Careful fighting, cool esoteric animation] A real mage, fight for friendship and guild!
The cool magic animation restores every signature magic of the character. The unique shield breaking mechanism brings a different combat experience.
This is, the real magic boy action game!

【Recruitment of partners, establishment of the strongest team】
Nearly 40 popular wizards are recorded, and the original voice actors give their voices.
The combination of different occupations and the combination of different skill attributes, at this moment, the bond is concluded!
The future magical world will be opened by your strongest team!

[Coming soon, licensed by Kodansha] Authorized by Kodansha, based on the original popular animation “FAIRY TAIL (Magic Boy)” by Mr. Mashima Hiroshi, the “Magic Boy” action mobile game “Fairy Tail (Magic Boy): Fighting” is produced. Exquisitely polished game screens, plots and gameplay, and strive to present you an unprecedented high-quality “Magic Boy” IP masterpiece!


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Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skymoons.ftsm.gp

APK: https://apkcombo.com/fairy-tail-%E9%AD%94%E5%B0%8E%E5%B0%91%E5%B9%B4-%E6%BF%80%E9%AC%A5/com.skymoons.ftsm.gp/