Fire Empire Gameplay Android APK Download

Fire Empire Gameplay Android APK Download | Fire Empire Mobile Strategy Game | Fire Empire

Fire Empire Gameplay Android APK Download | Fire Empire Mobile Strategy Game | Fire Empire

Fire Empire is a strategic multiplayer online game.
Recruit rare and powerful Heroes from various Factions such as Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, or summon Dragons and Siege Behemoths to crush enemies!
Form a Guild with other players and defeat the Dark Lich and other forces coveting your power!


▶▶Instant Combat◀◀
Initiate a rally on the map anytime, anywhere! No waiting time is required for your Units to fall in!
Start battles immediately upon reaching a checkpoint!

▶▶Unique Units◀◀
If you’re bored of the usual Infantry, Cavalry, and Archer units, be awed by flying Dragons, Crossbows, and Siege Behemoths in your lineup that covers attacks of every aspect!
Create a lineup that could potentially rock the battlefield.

▶▶Reinforcements Up in the Air◀◀
Don’t let the long marching distance deter you!
Save time and effort with the innovative and unique Aerial Transport System! Construct airways to allow aerial carriers to travel to and from battlefields and bases to manage manpower for combats and logistics.

▶▶Create a Prosperous Town◀◀
Join a Guild to build military fortresses and serve as backup in major commercial towns. Garrison Units in various buildings for bonuses and boosts to become one of the strongest Guilds ever!

▶▶Gain Reputation and Respect Among Factions◀◀
Dwarf dungeons, Elf forests, Orc tribes – the world of Uranos is populated with various Factions. Help the Factions with their needs and fight together for boosts and rare rewards.

▶▶Legendary Artifacts◀◀
Gain Reputation among Villages of various Factions, and unlock legendary artifacts to turn the tide during harsh battles.

Size: 2.32GB
Language: English

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