Hunter x Hunter Mobile Gameplay Action RPG Android iOS APK Download

Hunter x Hunter 獵人×獵人 Mobile Gameplay Android iOS APK Download | Hunter x Hunter New Anime Action RPG Game | Hunter x Hunter by Program Twenty Three

Hunter x Hunter 獵人×獵人 Mobile Gameplay Android iOS APK Download | Hunter x Hunter New Anime Action RPG Game | Hunter x Hunter by Program Twenty Three

Hunter × Hunter is a 3D role-playing adventure mobile game of the well-known Japanese IP “HUNTER × HUNTER” authorized by the animation production committee. The classic and popular characters can be seen everywhere, and the vast and magnificent classic scenes are perfectly combined with CG animation. Players can use the main storyline missions to fully explore the world of hunters in Whale Island, Dole Port, Shimera Wetlands, Sky Arena, Youkexin City… and experience the excitement of taking risks and growing together with their partners, and Become the professional hunter in your mind!

【Game Features】
×The animation plot is perfectly restored, and you can enter the world of hunters in one second
In “Hunter×Hunter”, players will be able to experience freely from hunter experiments, mental ability training, trap towers, sky arena PVP, etc. In addition, there is an innovative airship placement system, and every link in the animation is fully recorded and reproduced. Perfectly combined with special gameplay, here you decide what kind of hunter you want to be, every step is up to you!

× Gorgeous skills, smooth strikes, the first multi-lineup combat mechanism
Extend the characteristic skills of each hunter with the six major mind abilities, realize the combat mode with a full sense of attack in the smooth action experience, and integrate the multi-lineup combat mechanism with the concept of assisting the battle. Players need to base on the different skill attributes of each character. Tactically match the combination of mind and ability, break the framework of the same type of game in the past, and reflect the depth of intrigue in the ever-changing hunter battle!

×Brand new 3D technology Japanese dubbing reproduces the classics
“Hunter×Hunter” uses the Unity engine to create high-precision 3D character and scene modeling to construct a complete hunter world. The character dubbing even invites well-known voice actors from Japan. The original dubbing team reproduces the soul of each character in the past. Popular characters such as Xiaojie, Kiya, Kurapika, Leorio, and Hisoka are fully included. Choose your favorite partner to start the journey Bar!

×Various competition systems to compete for the title of the strongest hunter
The indispensable competitive adventures in the hunter world always make people excited, such as the 1v1 battle in the sky arena where strength is paramount, the trap tower challenge for fighting wits and courage, and the world boss that gathers hunters from all servers to form a team to challenge together! Various gameplays are waiting for you to challenge, who can become the strongest hunter? Now come to “Hunter×Hunter” and write your own adventure chapter!

Size: 2.87GB
Language: Chinese

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