Idle Fantasia Gameplay Free VIP3 Android APK Download

Idle Fantasia Gameplay Android APK Download | Idle Fantasia Mobile RPG Game | Idle Fantasia by Sola Game

Idle Fantasia Gameplay Android APK Download | Idle Fantasia Mobile RPG Game | Idle Fantasia by Sola Game

👑Fight, overcome challenges, and kill the boss to get free VIP3

Explore the epic Land of Eileen and meet diverse characters during your adventure. Collect powerful allies and deepen your bond with them. Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Dark! Train up to 70 unique characters from 5 different attribute factions to build the strongest legion.

Perfect your strategy with each turn, assemble your ultimate battle-ready squad with tactics and wisdom. Unleash devastating special skills through dozens of character and skill combinations! Adjust the front and back row of your lineup wisely, then turn the tide of battles and blitz all high-CP PVE stages.

Strengthen your connection with your favorite characters by sending them gifts! Experience unique moments and stories with heroes of all kinds of personalities. Know your heroes better and show your affection! Full of story and wonderfully animated scenes with smooth sound enjoyment!

Embark on an epic journey to explore a new vivid world! Encounter wonderful characters, discover hidden secrets, and face off against powerful enemies. Join them on their thrilling adventure and see what lies beyond the horizon!

Gacha role-playing games shouldn’t be slog. One-tap to set your warrior lineup —then Hands-Free! Just enjoy the idle play and claim rewards! Main story stages, daily quest, bounty systems and events giveaway UR heroes, lots of training materials, gems and other great benefits you have never seen!

Size: 895MB
Language: English

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