Mosiang M Gameplay Android iOS APK

Mosiang M Gameplay Android iOS APK | New Mosiang M MMORPG Game by CIB Global

Mosiang M Gameplay Android iOS APK | New Mosiang M MMORPG Game by CIB Global

Mosiang Jianghu Cultivation-Free Growth System
Personalized Character Development: Breaks through traditional career restrictions, allowing for completely personalized character training. Learn all martial arts freely and practice different weapons without profession or alignment limitations.

Six Weapon Choices: Choose from six weapons including katanas, spears, swords, fists, bows, and darts, each offering diverse skills and abilities.

Explore Ancient China: Experience panoramic views of ancient China, including famous cities, monuments, mountains, and rivers. Historical celebrities are brought into the game, creating an immersive era.

Exciting PK System: Engage in thrilling combat, where fights may lead to unexpected friendships. Enjoy smooth combat operations and a free PK system, allowing players to chase grudges and experience tense battles.

Rich Life System: In addition to passive skills, engage in various life skills such as gathering, hunting, and mining to collect materials and craft unique items, providing an alternative perspective to the martial arts world.

Size: 1.29GB
Language: English

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