Overmortal Gameplay Android iOS APK Coming Soon

Overmortal Gameplay Android iOS APK Coming Soon | Overmortal Mobile Idle RPG Game | Overmortal LTGAMES GLOBAL

Overmortal Gameplay Android iOS APK Coming Soon | Overmortal Mobile Idle RPG Game | Overmortal LTGAMES GLOBAL

Overmortal is a Mobile Idle RPG Game.
Martial world, so easy! Here in Overmortal, an eastern fantasy wuxia idle role-playing game, you can enjoy an easy and auto-grinding journey of ascension.
As a mortal new to the world of ascension, you can practice Magicka and Corporia for ascension to immortality through tribulations, or go on expeditions around the world to make friends and unravel mysteries.

[Features] Effortless Grinding for Breakthrough
Finding the traditional idle gameplay tedious with all the rewards calculated based on players’ offline time, Overmortal developed an innovative system where battles, productions, and even interactions can be simulated when you’re offline. Whether en route, waiting in line, or having a lunch break, you can make tremendous progress like Stage breakthrough in such a short time!

No Restrictions on Ascension
Enjoy the world of freedom! Overmortal enables you to design your own paths, where you can learn immortal techniques, craft ultimate pills and weapons, and go on adventures for legendary Curios and Relics. No matter which path you choose, Magicka, Corporia, or even both, you will ascend to immortality and transcend natural laws!

Clash of Sects
You are not alone on your journey to immortality! In Overmortal, you can either create or join a sect to share ideas and experiences with friends to ascend together. In addition, you can join Sect Clash for battles with thousands of players in real-time, or challenge players on other servers through X-Server Duels. More interactive gameplay awaits you! Come and explore together with your friends!

Couple Ascension with Companion
Romance awaits on the journey of ascension! In Overmortal, you can build a companion relationship with another player, which offers many perks like receiving notifications when the companion gets online, quick teleport, and Legacy transfer. Whenever you are in danger, your companion can instantly teleport to your location and defend you. Find your companion and ascend to immortality together in Overmortal!

Exclusive Pets & Custom Skins
Specially designed skins — shiny and flowing Thai clothing/ graceful and elegant Ao Dai. There are hundreds of outfits and accessories for you to customize your very own character.
You can breed the exclusive pet, Belephant, in Menagerie. Its skills look like the blossom of lotus in the water, restoring your Aura and MP. Pets are the best companies on your journey of ascension.

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/OvermortalMobile/
Official Site: https://iw.ltgamesglobal.com/reserve.html?lang=en

Size: 2.52GB

💨Download Overmortal:
Coming Soon

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ltgames.android.m71.sea&gl=sg
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/TH/app/id1633217555

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