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Ragnarok V: Returns is a MMORPG Game.

The start of another adventure that inherits the Valkyrie Uprising!
Ragnarok V: Returns is here for you!

Story: The Apocalypse

Humanity’s Prosperity in Midgard

It was made by Baldur, the great light god of Asgard.
In the White Horse War and the crisis of destruction that led to the Holy War, Baldur always stood on the side of mankind and fought for peace.


In the temple a thousand years ago, he even made sacrifices to seal the body and soul, and mankind remembered and prayed for him in gratitude.

However, mankind, who had achieved endless prosperity, gradually became arrogant and, forgetting the memories of his past, grew only his greed.

The demon king Morocc, the gods, the terrifying giants, and even the demons that were lurking outside the wall were gradually forgotten from their minds. Baldur’s advice to prepare for war was the same.
And when their arrogance and negligence reached their peak, a thousand years of peace came to an end.

The world was changing, starting with roars and earthquakes that took place over the course of several hours, and the mournful sound of a horn from somewhere in the sky.

Everyone in Midgard heard the horn, and everyone who heard it, regardless of age or gender, wept without knowing why.
In the cathedral, it was officially announced that the sound of the horn was the beginning of Ragnarok and the harbinger of the end of mankind, and the Kingdom Investigation Team brought up stories of demons and zombies breaking through ruined cities and walls overnight.

The people despaired, and the kingdom hurriedly recruited warriors.

However, it seemed impossible to prevent the end of the world unless the great hero-god was resurrected.
And at that time, an adventurer, destined to resurrect the hero-god who loved mankind more than anyone else, was heading to Prontera with a dream of becoming a hero.

Size: 5,53 GB

Language: English

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Android/APK: https://d3lbj306d33fqq.cloudfront.net/ROV_Returns.apk

iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/m7Py8CBS