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Rushing Gods : Idle Myth Runner is a parkour game that incorporates bullet shooting and AFK feature. Here you will play as a cultivator who runs in an amazing world of immortals and make covenants with the deities you meet. You can either play hard to cultivate, or AFK to relax. Join now to lead your team through all kinds of difficulties on the way of immortality and become the strongest!

A Unique Parkour Game
Swords? Spells? This game will bring you into a unique parkour world to embark on a cool and funny adventure~ With bullet shooting added to the traditional parkour gameplay, it will provide you a whole new exciting combat experience!

Idle and Simple AFK
The innovative AFK feature allows you to collect a whole lot of rewards with a single tap. You can enhance your heroes when you play, and accumulate strength when you are offline!

Easy Cultivation by Sharing Level
Lotus Guards can share their abilities. You only need to cultivate 5 heroes, and other heroes can share their level.

A Funny And Warm Immortal World
You will make covenants with deities, demons and monsters, and experience various incidents and overcome challenges with them on the way to become the strongest.

Deities, Demons and Monsters with Diverse Personalities
Dozens of deity, demon and monster heroes fight for you. Go build the strongest team and eliminate all obstructions!

Size: 372MB
Language: English

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