S Class Heroine Gameplay Android iOS APK Global Launch

S Class Heroine Gameplay Android iOS APK Global Launch | S Class Heroine Mobile RPG Game | S Class Heroine by DAERI SOFT Inc

S Class Heroine Gameplay Android iOS Coming Soon | S Class Heroine Mobile RPG Game | S Class Heroine by DAERI SOFT Inc

A Captivating Tale When Read
Meet Princess Ella, the Last Princess who was brought back to life by a pendant, and her lost companions. Rest assured, they will reunite! Ella ventures into another universe to reconnect with them.

Interact with Ella from a parallel dimension, reunite with precious comrades, and ascend to become the mightiest in the realms! On this day, April 28, 390, Princess Ella embarks on a fresh adventure.

Features of Nurturing an S-Rank Heroine!
Embracing limitless growth in an idle game
A top-notch RPG that offers respite from low-quality titles
Thrilling combat and the joy of amassing a treasure trove of items
How many avatars will you raise? Customize your approach to your liking
A robust RPG with a wealth of content to explore.

Interact with a Plethora of Avatars and Revel in New Skills!
Acquire unique avatars through missions!
Each avatar boasts dazzling skills, equipment, and potential for explosive growth!

Relentless Combat Action That Defies Adversaries!
Charge! Forward! Thrills! Action!
Perpetually grow stronger with a satisfying combat experience!

Strengthen Yourself through Dungeon Delving!
Traverse distinctive dungeons for various growth rewards.
Vanquish monsters using your unique strategies!

Assemble an S-Class Party with Charismatic Allies!
Collaborate with comrades to rapidly boost your abilities!
Create a team with allies that complement your distinctive avatar! Uncover the most potent avatar combinations!

Size: 1.11GB
Language: English

💨Download S Class Heroine:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.daerigame.heroine
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/s-class-heroine/id6443915552
APK: https://apkcombo.com/s-class-heroine/com.daerigame.heroine/

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