X-Regin Gameplay Android iOS Coming Soon

X-Regin Gameplay Android iOS Coming Soon | X-Regin Mobile MMORPG Game by CYBERGENESIS GAMES

X-Regin Gameplay Android iOS Coming Soon | X-Regin Mobile MMORPG Game by CYBERGENESIS GAMES

Welcome to “X-Regin” – The Ultimate 3D Fantasy ARPG Mobile Game!

Immerse yourself in “X-Regin,” a cyberpunk-styled 3D fantasy ARPG blending mecha, superpowers, and creatures. Embark on an epic adventure in a futuristic urban setting as a superpowered hero.

Expansive Open World Powered by Unreal Engine
Explore a vast world with futuristic technology and mystical powers. Pilot mechas and wield various superpowers in thrilling real-time combat.

Diverse Superpower Skills and Combos
Unleash stunning combat effects with versatile superpower skills. Use strategic skill combinations to trigger elemental reactions and dominate the battlefield.

Fashion Collection and Infinite Styles
Stand out with unique costumes earned through gameplay progression and boss battles. Showcase your individuality with a vast array of fashion choices.

Tactical Teamplay Against Otherworldly Invasions
Team up in multiplayer battles to face powerful monsters and behemoths. Use strategic combat leadership to protect the city from threats.

Powerful Mechas and Beast Conquest
Pilot mechas equipped with cannons, laser blades, and Gatling guns. Enjoy damage reduction and unleash devastating attacks to ensure victory against giant beasts.

Save the Future World as a Superpowered Guardian
Uncover the city’s hidden mysteries and reveal the truth through intense battles. Become a superpowered guardian tasked with saving the future world.

Continuous Updates and Global Events
Experience regular updates and global events with new challenges. Explore uncharted territories and participate in limited-time events with friends.

Size: 1.59GB
Language: English

💨Download X-Regin:

Coming Soon


Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rym900.xregion

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