Invincible Guarding The Globe – Tier List & All Characters & Reroll Guide

We’ve put together the Reroll Guide & Tier List for Invincible Guarding The Globe in this article to help you decide.

Invincible: Guarding the Globe presents a distinctive idle squad RPG adventure within the expansive universe of Invincible, introducing a new narrative untouched by the pages of the Invincible comics or the Amazon Prime TV series. Seamlessly blending captivating multi-battle action, character collection, team management, idle mechanics, and breathtaking displays of super-powered visuals, this game offers a fresh and immersive experience.


Invincible Guarding The Globe Tier List

We have created a comprehensive tierlist for Invincible Guarding The Globe, which thoroughly evaluates every hero currently available in the game.

This is an introductory tierlist designed for new players who are focused on the campaign mode. It assesses all legendary heroes, disregarding collections and signature items since they are not widely accessible for review. However, this tierlist should still provide a general direction for constructing your account if your main objective is to progress through the campaign. It takes into consideration builds, synergies, inscriptions, trees, and more. Please note that the number of stars and overall power levels of each hero are particularly important, especially in the early stages of the game. And always remember, the primary objective is to have fun while playing the game!


How to Reroll Invincible Guarding The Globe

We recommend getting an S for a solid start. They are the best characters in the game and greatly increase your chances of winning. If you can’t summon an S character, log out of the game, clear your data, and repeat the reroll process.