Pirate Emperor – Tier List & All Characters

We’ve put together the Reroll Guide & Tier List for Pirate Emperor in this article to help you decide.

Pirate Emperor is a One Piece RPG Game.

Friends by your side, to the end of the world
You never walk alone! The brand-new Guild system offers like-minded players a platform to gang up! Join your friends in the Guild Instance, Guild Mystery, share the treasure vault, and challenge other Guilds to unlock deluxe rewards!

Easy growth, one-tap Rebirth
Special hero growth system where your heroes Rebirth at no cost and you enjoy new character experience every day! Recruit the best fighters and assemble your mighty crew!

Strategize to win every battle
Occupy enemy strongholds, win deluxe challenge rewards, and gain buffs for the whole crew! Thrilling battles, awesome skills, unparalleled experience!


Pirate Emperor Tier List

An in-depth Pirate Emperor Campaign Tierlist, analyzing every single hero currently in the game.

This is an initial predictive tierlist aimed at new players, Campaign oriented. Analyzing all legendary heroes, it’s ignoring collections and signature items since not many have access to them for review, but it should give you a general direction for how to build your account if campaign progress is your main objective taking into accounts builds, synergies, inscriptions, trees etc. – Note stars and overall power levels play a big role especially in the earlygame, and dont forget having fun playing the game is the main goal!

Tier List S


Tier List A+


Tier List A


Tier List B


Tier List C