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Four Gods on WEMIX is a Blockchain Oriental Fantasy MMORPG,


Chronicles of the Four Gods unfold in your hands.

▶ Fierce the Battle of the Four Gods ◀
In the Four Gods, there is no absolute strong or weak. Take away the RedGem from opponents and become a Legend in Four Gods.

▶ Exchange for the Gods ◀
Experience a free economic system by trading various items in Four Gods with RedGem and exchanging them to LUX TOKEN.

▶ Scale for the Gods ◀
Experience the overwhelming and spectacular skill action beyond the limits of mobile. The
sophisticated and thrilling battle of Four Gods.

▶ Worldview of the Gods ◀
Fall into a touching story that heats your heart in the vast worldview written by an incumbent writer.

▶ MMORPG for the Gods ◀
A world that finds and creates memories, whether goodness or wickedness!
Get a victory within endless Guild War and reign over the world.

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Size: 1.95GB
Language: English

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